Repair & Restoration
JMS is committed to providing the best repair service on your model train. We have access to parts to repair most
makes and models. We work on a variety of model train gauges including: MTH, G, S, Lionel, American Flyer, and
some Ives. Our expert service includes: repair, maintenance, and painting.  We also re-program MTH models, track
interface units (TIU), and DCS remote controls if you don’t have the most recent update.

Cleaning and Lubrication
Model trains should be cleaned and lubricated based on their usage. For example, if you operate your train daily, it
should be cleaned annually. If you operate your train occasionally; then, every 3 years will keep it operating smoothly.

Typically, mechanical or electrical difficulties will cause a train to need repair. Sometimes trains are not operated
for many years, mishandled, or not stored properly. JMS can skillfully diagnose your train, and make the repair to
get it back on track.

JMS can paint your train. Whether it’s a touch-up or full body. We’ll make your train look “nearly new” to your

JMS provides restoration services on most makes of trains. Restoration can return your train to a “near new”
condition. Restored trains are disassembled, cleaned, refinished (if required), and reassembled.
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